Big Idea Mastermind Review

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Hi there,

I’m Nigel Taylor, and in this Big Idea Mastermind review I’ll give absolutely everything you’ll want to know about its many features. Now, I want to tell you that I am by nature pretty cautious – I have an inbuilt AVERSION TO HYPE – and I don’t rush into anything without weighing things up and thinking them through.

But I want to tell you about a project that is aiming to achieve some pretty mind-blowing goals – the sort that, if you’re like me, you’d normally dismiss automatically, without even a second thought. However, I’ve been following this project since its inception and I have to say that it comes with …..

  • a solid foundation
  • a proven track record
  • an unbeatable compensation plan!
  • leaders with a great vision for the future

First, can I reassure you that this is NOT a scam, or a pyramid scheme, and there is NO cold calling involved, NO phone canvassing, NO having to annoy your family and friends with something they probably don’t want, NO handing out CDs or brochures and NO need to disturb your family’s schedule or the peace of your home by having to arrange sales parties!

Big Idea Mastermind (BIM) aims eventually to help members earn REAL MONEY online, and in a pretty short time. We’re talking about targeting $5,000 per month as an initial goal, and $10,000 monthly in due course! How much of a difference would that sort of money make to your life?  

To show the POTENTIAL of this project, Vick Strizheus, the brains behind it, earned over $2.3 million in verifiable sales in the first eight and a half months of testing the system! Now, let’s be clear, figures like that will probably NEVER EVER be repeated. But I mention them simply to show you that $5,000 PER MONTH WITHIN 30-60 DAYS IS A REALISTIC GOAL.

Here is the Empower Network leaderboard as of September 22nd 2013 with Vick at the top of all three columns for the most income generated, and for total member sign-ups! Notice that other BIM members are doing pretty well too.


Empower Network leaderboard - Vick Strizheus at the top

Please check out the details that follow.


Big Idea Mastermind logo


1. A massive FREE BONUS TO YOU for joining Empower Network under an existing BIM member.

2. An irresistible FREE BONUS FOR YOU TO OFFER YOUR LEADS to encourage them to join Empower Network under you.


  • A one-of-a-kind marketing system featuring a complete ‘done-for-you’ sales funnel to help you make more sales, and rake in more money – easier and faster than you might ever have dreamed possible.
  • But this is not JUST about making money. It’s about joining a community. It’s about becoming a more successful person, and a better person.
  • Absolutely the best in-depth marketing and traffic generation training available anywhere on the planet – applicable to any niche, online or offline.
  • Oh – and your own complete fully functional viral blogging system, installed and ready to go, and with instant Google authority for quick ranking. Use it to effectively and quickly promote ANY product.


100% commissions for offering other people the same blogging system and training – and the potential for up to $4622 per customer + $125/month recurring. 


The BIM system itself is FREE! It comes as a BONUS when you join Empower Network. 

Just $25 gets you started at the EN basic level with your initial marketing, traffic generation and list building training – plus your own blog. (Plus $19.95/month payment which gives you affiliate status. This means you can now not only benefit from the training, but also sell the products and receive 100% commissions. This covers administrative costs, support staff, product development etc. YOU WILL ALSO NOW HAVE FREE ACCESS TO BIM)

And – I’m going to say this again – BIM is a free bonus!

That’s got to be a WINNING COMBINATION!

Special Offer

What is Big Idea Mastermind?

Big Idea Mastermind is the brainchild of Vick Strizheus,  and gives you the potential to earn amounts of money online that you maybe only ever dreamed about.  Vick is targeting for his members a realistic $5,000 per month income within 30-60 days and then doubling that in due course.

Here is a definition from

Big Idea Mastermind … is the world’s most effective, step-by-step wealth building system for internet marketers available today.

BIM enjoys a remarkable community spirit inspired by Vick’s driving ambition to see his members succeed.

He has conceived a unique marketing system and complete sales funnel. All you need to do is drive traffic – the rest is taken care of. And Vick will give you all the training you need so that you can  drive that traffic. The whole concept is brilliant!

How does it work? Big Idea Mastermind uses the Empower Network system as the vehicle to achieve that goal. So when you join Empower Network you get everything that it offers – the complete works – its blogging platform, its own massive training packages, plus its amazing 100% commission affiliate system – plus the full BIM package as a FREE BONUS.

In addition to EN’s training, Big Idea Mastermind provides its own in-depth marketing, motivation and personal development tuition. This is structured training designed specifically to help you get sales.

What is Empower Network?

The Empower Network, co-founded by Dave Wood and Dave Sharp, is a quite amazing marketing and personal development training program that offers internet marketers 100% commission on their sales as affiliates.

It also provides you with everything you  might need, all the training and tools to generate leads and traffic, in order to make money from this program –  and from any other business you might own. The training is just mind-blowing, and becomes increasingly advanced as you progress through the five available levels.

In addition you are given a WordPress-based blogging platform that you can use to promote your business(es). You benefit from the ‘Google love’ that this established platform already enjoys, giving you a ranking head start.

DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE VALUE OF THIS! While EN has been in operation for only about eighteen months, the domain name is around nine years old. Additionally, according to it is listed at number 83 in the US and 260 in the world in the most-visited website rankings. These factors give your blog a ranking boost and instant authority with Google – compared with possibly waiting months for a blog starting on a newly registered domain to appear in the rankings.

NEW! Viral Blogging Platform (codenamed Blog Beast) release!

As of 13th October 2013 ENV2 has been released, with a massive upgrade to the blogging platform named Viral Blogging Platform (originally Blog Beast). Here’s a very brief review.

This is a completely new blogging platform, redeveloped from the ground up, which is set to take the Internet world by storm! It is now no longer based on WordPress, but is an independent entity in its own right.

Key features:

  • Ultra-simple 2-click posting
  • Integrated real time commenting
  • FULL MOBILE INTEGRATION. This is BIGManage your blog from your mobile device as well as your computer. Take a photo or shoot a video with your cellphone, and post them within seconds to your blog!

Click here to receive ongoing information on BlogBeast by email.

Existing EN blogs will be automatically migrated to BlogBeast.


Why might you want to join Big Idea Mastermind?

Let me ask you a question ……

Have you achieved your financial goals in marketing?

I’m guessing that your answer is NO.

Here’s another question ……

Have you earned ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, or NEXT TO NOTHING so far?

Your answer is almost certainly YES. I know that because that’s what the statistics show.

Or maybe you ARE earning money already, but you believe there is a lot more to be made.

 OK, here’s another question ……

Why are you reading this?

I can’t read your mind, but is this the reason? ……

         You still believe there is money – GOOD MONEY – to be made on the Internet.

Is that right?

But your still looking for THE RIGHT SYSTEM coupled with THE RIGHT TRAINING!

Empower Network is not just the right vehicle, but the BEST vehicle.

And the EN / BIM combination is not just the right system, but the BEST system.

And the training inside the two systems is unparallelled. There are hours and hours of highest quality, nothing-held-back, inspirational coaching in every aspect of marketing and personal development from the top names in the industry.

Put all of this together and you can begin to see why this is growing at such a phenomenal rate.

At the time of writing, EN has over 160,000 members, added 10,000 new members in one recent month, and has paid out somewhere in excess of $60m in commissions since its inception in late 2011.

No other system can match those figures.

And you can be a part of it.

What is really exciting is that both EN and BIM have additional products in the pipeline. The leaders of both systems are visionaries with a solid blueprint for future growth.

That means more potential earnings for you and me.

And with more earnings comes the realization of your dreams – whatever they may be.

Click for Vick's introductory video

OK – let’s move on:


For the same price that you would pay to join Empower Network alone, you receive the full training resources of  TWO proven marketing giants - EN’s training PLUS BIM’s own training. BIM starts right off at the basic level membership with high caliber instruction.

Not only do you benefit, but you are able to offer the same DOUBLE INCENTIVE bonus to future team partners who join your downline. With so much on offer, why would anyone interested in EN join by any other means?

Do you see the power this gives you in attracting customers, earning money and building your downline?


100% commissions on products giving you up to $4622 from one customer, including $125/month recurring.

Other attractive features:

Entry starts at an amazingly low price – just $25! Almost anyone can afford to join at the basic level. (Plus $19.95/month payment if you want affiliate status. This means you can now not only benefit from the training, but also sell the products and receive 100% commissions. This covers administrative costs, support staff, product development etc. YOU WILL ALSO NOW HAVE FREE ACCESS TO BIM.)

You don’t have to create anything yourself!

What’s in it for you when you join Empower Network via Big Idea Mastermind?

Remember – it’s TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! Membership gives you everything in BOTH Big Idea Mastermind AND Empower Network – all for the ONE PRICE of each level.

BIM and EN progress through five matching levels.

IMPORTANT: Click here for the section of my Big Idea Mastermind review that takes a look progressively up through the five levels.


So, what is your next step?

Well, there are two ways in!


  • The first way is to sign up here to receive Vick’s introductory video series. These are spread over seven days, and include some valuable free training that you can use right away, plus a FREE landing page creation software programme. It concludes with an extensive and in-depth look at the whole system, and an invitation to join on the Empower Network sales page.
  • However, many people just want to get going immediately and jump right in, so the quick way is to go here where Vick will fully explain the system to you and you can join up right away. 

Because the two systems are integrated, when you join up under a BIM member that fact will be recognized and you will receive an email from BIM with instructions on activating your BIM membership.

Now, what I would like you to do is to imagine what it will be like when you receive notification, not just of a $25/monthly or a $100/month recurring commission, but of a $625 commission, or a $1625 commission – or the big one – a $4622 commission! And then think seriously about how you can get in at the highest level possible.

Check this page and notice how the number of monthly sales needed to reach $5,000 per month starts at 200 for the basic level, but drops dramatically as you position yourself higher up the levels. At the Gold level it is just 8. At Platinum it is just over 3. At the Diamond level one new Diamond customer is all you need to achieve $4622!

Important: you do need to have purchased the products at any given level in order to be able to receive commissions when someone purchases that level from you.

So – do you want to earn $25 per sale or do you want the potential to earn $4,622 per sale?

I think the answer is obvious and you know exactly what you will want to aim for!

Positioning is everything!

(Of course, not everyone can manage to go “all-in” immediately. Some invest their early earnings in advancing through the levels to make even more money.)

This can be the beginning of something GREAT for you and your family!

Finally, I should mention that, in addition to the usual support facilities, there is a very active and extremely helpful Facebook group, where members give freely of their advice and experience to help each other.

Thank you for checking out this Big Idea Mastermind review. 

Remember – I am here to help you.

JUMP ON BOARD with me right now – see below!

  • I won’t abandon you as soon as you join!
  • I will be there to give you support and guidance.
  • Contact me any time for assistance.

Thank you!

Nigel Taylor

PS. LATEST NEWS – New products are due to be added to both BIM and EN giving you additional ways to earn extra money!

Special Offer

Here are your simple steps to success:
1. Join Empower Network at the highest level you can (+ the Affiliate System)
2. Automatically receive your Big Idea Mastermind activation email
3. Absorb and apply the training in EN and BIM
4. Make money!
5. After your second month’s payment email me for your Basic level refund


1. Click the link
2. Watch as Vick explains the system
3. Click the ‘Join BIM’ button


OR - Click here to watch the Big Idea Mastermind introductory video

This is the first of a series that will be emailed to you over a period of 7 days, after which you will have the opportunity to join up.

Click for Vick's introductory video

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2. Enter your email address to receive the full video series
3. Watch the first video



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